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Owner File

This screen enables you to keep track of all the details relating to the mobile home owners.

The information can be easily imported from a spreadsheet of owner details that you already have so you may not have to enter all that information again.

Once in the system the information can be easily retrieved and edited. You can call owners directly from this screen – no more manually dialling phone numbers.

The payment summary section gives you instant details of outstanding amounts.

Keep unlimited notes on the owners.

Admin Pro - Mobile Home Park Edition

Text Messaging

By clicking the Text button next to a mobile phone number, you can type in a text message that will be sent to the owner.

You can create templates of the most frequently used messages. These can then be used quickly so you will not need to retype messages over and over.

Powerful group text messaging functionality allows you to send texts to all owners or subsets of owners at the touch of a button.

For example, you may want to send a text message reminder to all owners that still owe a certain amount.

Templates allow you to personalise each text with names and outstanding balances.

You can set up reusable Templates for your most used messages to save repeated typing.


Clicking on the Charges button on the Owner screen shows the details of any charges on the owners account.

Keep track of rents, electricity charges and other charges you have.

Electricity charges can be automatically calculated from the meter readings.

Charges such as Site Rent can be easily set up for all owners in one go.

Mobile Home Park Management Software
Admin Pro - Mobile Home Park Edition


Clicking on the Payment button on the Owner screen shows the details of any paymentsthat have been paid by owners.

Keep track of rents, electricity charges and other charges you have. Record all payment by owners.

Once payments are entered on this screen, you have the option to send a payment receipt by text message.


You can set up reminders on owner’s accounts. These can be once-off reminders or monthly or yearly reminders.

These are reminders to the user to do something in the future.

When a user logs in to the system and relevant reminders will be displayed on the screen and the user can dismiss the message be reminded later

Admin Pro - Mobile Home Park Edition

Waiting List

Keep details of all people looking for mobile Homes and have all the benefits of instant calling, texting and reminders.

You can keep notes regarding the price range of mobile that they are looking for.

When a mobile home comes up for sale, you can use a template text message to let the people on the waiting list know the details.

Other People And Groups

On this screen, you can store details on all the other people that you deal with in your business.

This would include Employees, Contractors, Suppliers, etc. You will have all contact details for people in one convenient screen.

You can send text messages to groups of people e.g. you could send a meeting reminder to all Staff and Contractors.

Mobile Home Park Management Software
Mobile Home Park Management Software


There are numerous reports in the system for managing your mobile home business. You can produce payment reports, reports of outstanding amounts, contact reports, and many more.

Reports can be viewed on screen, printed or emailed.

Invoices & Statements

Produce stylish customised Invoices and Statements from the system with your own logo and layout. We can help you design the perfect statement.

Your statement needs to convey a professional image of your mobile home park and clearly communicate payment details to your customers.

Mobile Home Park Management Software
Mobile Home Park Management Software

Comprehensive Built-In Backups

It is very easy to do backups or data restores. Backups will be stored locally and on the cloud for extra peace of mind.

Automatic backups can be scheduled also, so you can set up the system to automatically do a backup every day if you wish.

A backup only takes a few seconds.

About Ventive Software

Ventive Software is an Irish software company based in Dublin. We specialise in providing administration and management software solutions to Mobile Home Parks, Music Schools, and Nursing Agencies throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our software solutions are extremely easy to use and have excellent support should you need it. That is why many of our customers have been using our software for over twenty years.

Contact us today to see if AdminPro is a fit for you. We can modify it to suit your requirements if required.

Mobile Home Park Management Software

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